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PEC SafeGulf/SafeLand

Course Length: 8hrs Basic
                         24hrs Core
Course Objectives: (All subjects are on awareness level)


          a) Learning safe behaviors

          b) Intervention and stop work authority

          c) Building a behavior based safety program

          d) Alcohol, drug and weapon policies

          e) Workplace violence

          f) Communication

          g) Incident reporting and investigation

          h) Short service employees

          i) Safe driving practices

          j) Personal protective equipment

          k) Hazard communication

          l) Hazardous waste management

          m) Hazardous material

          n) Fire safety

          o) First aid and blood borne pathogens

          p) Material handling

          q) Hand tools

          r) Walking working surfaces

          s) Electrical safety

          t) Excavation hazards

          u) Offshore lifestyle and transportation

          v) SEMS (Safety and Environmental Management

          w) Trap (Terrorism Response Awareness Program)